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Executive Team

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Chase Barclay


Chase is a senior from Dallas, TX majoring in Economics and Mathematics. Last summer, he interned at Morgan Stanley in the Investment Banking Division, where he will return full time as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Media & Communications group.

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Ilene Park

VP Alumni

Ilene is a sophomore from D.C. and Seoul, Korea, majoring in Economics and English. She has previous experience in venture capital. Outside of Scale, Ilene is a part of the Dziagla Finance Fellowship, Bull City Beds, and Business Oriented Women.

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Max Honeybone

VP Philanthropy

Max is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas and Stockholm, Sweden majoring in Economics with a Finance Concentration and also pursuing the Markets and Management certificate. He recently worked at a Swedish Fin-Tech company as a credit analyst and plans to pursue consulting in the future.

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Navya Belavadi

VP Social

Navya is a senior from Greensboro, North Carolina majoring in Economics and minoring in Psychology with a certificate in Decision Sciences. She has previous experiences in consulting, startups, and venture capital and plans to start her career in management consulting.

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Graham Fay

New Member Educator

Graham is a senior from Weston, Connecticut majoring in math and economics with a finance concentration. He has experience in investment banking and investing.

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Rohit Gunda

Executive Vice President

Rohit is a junior from Connecticut majoring in Statistical Science with a minor in Finance. He has experience working in investment banking and long-only value investing.

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Vipul Nadimpalli

VP Finance

Vipul is a sophomore from Cary, North Carolina majoring in Economics with a Finance Concentration. He has previous experience at an impact-driven search fund and plans to continue his work there this summer.

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Ariha Mehta

VP Professional

Ariha is a sophomore from Warren, New Jersey majoring in Economics and Biology and minoring in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. She has previous experience interning at a mental health non-profit organization.

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Isabella Paliotta

VP Technology

Isabella is a sophomore from Maryland studying Computer Science, Physics, and Philosophy. She has worked at Lockheed Martin for three years in Offensive Cybersecurity and has held additional government roles with a Data Science and Machine Learning focus.

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Akshat Jain

VP Administration

Akshat is a sophomore from Singapore majoring in Computer Science and Economics. He has previous experience in public equities investing and private equity.

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Chris Dong

VP Membership & Marketing

Chris is a sophomore from Basking Ridge, New Jersey majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Finance and Mathematics. He spent last summer working as a Private Equity Summer Analyst at Aesthetic Partners, a search fund building its portfolio in the medical aesthetics industry.

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Michael Ferneini

VP Recruitment

Michael is a sophomore from Hamden, Connecticut studying biomedical engineering. He has previous experience in neuroscience research and is undecided on his future endeavors.

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Sara Azimi

New Member Educator

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