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Founded in 2012, Scale and Coin is Duke University’s premier business society. As both a community of scholars and a network of professionals, we strive to provide our members with guidance in the business world. Our community is built upon core values such as leadership, knowledge, and service, and we enable motivated students to teach and learn from each other via an extensive business curriculum, numerous skill workshops, and networking events with firms from a diverse array of industries.



Scale & Coin champions various forms of diversity within the organization such as ethnic, gender, and academic diversity. Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee (D&I) supports Scale members from historically under-represented backgrounds in business during their time in Scale and Coin and throughout the recruitment and internship cycles. The committee also develops programs and events to engage the entire Scale community in D&I related topics. Notably, the D&I committee organizes the Diversity Panel during Scale recruitment, leads 5 affinity networks, assists in the circulation of diversity recruitment resources, and hosts D&I related General Body Meetings each semester

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Scale & Coin regularly hosts visiting speakers from top firms across the nation and has held networking events with companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Capital One exclusively for Scale & Coin’s members. With an established network of alumni dedicated to supporting current members, current Scale & Coin members immediately enter recruiting with a leg up. Members have claimed top prizes in many of the nation’s most competitive competitions, including the Hult Prize, the Harvard Financial Competition, and the BCG Case Competition.


Scale and Coin seeks to drive positive impact in the community in addition to our professional and social endeavors. Each semester, we hold a volunteering event to support Urban Ministries. Scale & Coin also has a strong relationship with Reinvestment Partners, maximizing our contribution to the Durham community. Scale & Coin’s emphasis on business and entrepreneurship aligns with Reinvestment Partners’ mission to support affordable housing, community development, and job development training in North Carolina

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While Scale & Coin is a professional organization, we also have strong traditions that make our community what it is. During the year Scale hosts a variety of social events for members including retreats, dinners, and events with their families to bond. After joining Scale, all members are placed into families, where younger members are given an upperclassman big that will stay with them both throughout at their Duke experience, and afterwards. Scale & Coin also has a variety of spheres which gives members an opportunity to grow closer and get mentorship from older students in field that they are interested in, including tech, banking, private equity, entrepreneurship, and more.

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